Bricks 4 Kidz Program

The PTA has funded Bricks 4 Kidz classes (4 classes per student) to deliver a high quality STEM educational experience to all of our Coral Reef students. The classes are a fun, enriching experiences for our children using the classic LEGO bricks loved by generations.


The Bricks 4 Kidz teachers lead a discussion related to that day’s model, using materials designed by educators to teach concepts across a variety of subject areas. Kids will learn about everything from gears, torque and friction, to robotics, space exploration, movie-making and more.


Collaborating with a partner, kids experience the hands-on fun of model-building, from concept to completion. All of the proprietary model plans are created by Bricks 4 Kidz designers.


Free-play time rounds out the hour, giving kids an opportunity to develop and expand their creativity and imagination. See one of our lessons from last year...



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